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The skills I've developed as a writer and musician directly translate to User Interaction Design. From my writing experience, I have discovered a passion for revision and solving problems with words. My music background has given me an ear for listening and an empathetic appreciation for my audience. My background in the arts has also trained me to look beyond the surface and ask deeper questions. I don't just stop with solving a problem, but I look further into why a solution works and what it means. This perspective is what led me from instructional design to UX. I became fascinated with Voice Interaction Design and how digital assistants operated. This inspired my exploration of machine learning and work with Defined Crowd and I've gained a deeper understanding of how humans best interact with computers with each project I've pursued, and I hope to improve lives through innovative technology. I have certifications in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Voice Interface Design, and I love learning new tools to expand my creative vision.

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